Rental of Sailboats, Catamarans, Motor boats, for groups up to 350 people
Activities with Speedboats, Jet Skis, Canoes, Stand Up Paddle and Tubes
Boat tours in Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais, and Algarve

Birthday parties

Come celebrate that special day because parties don't have to be all the same

Sailing Tour between Oeiras and Cascais near the beaches

Come swim, dive from the boat, stretch out in the sun and have fun in the company of your friends or family

Corporate events

Keeping workgroups motivated is critical to the success of any business.

Sailing tour "Lisbon seen from the river"

We have the best private terrace where the monuments of Lisbon exhibit

Bachelor parties

If you are about to start a new phase in your life, why not celebrate it?

Boat charter without crew

If you have a Recreational Navigator license, try spending a week on a sailboat.

Romantic Sunset

Enjoy the privacy and the romanticism that only we can offer.

Sail & Lunch

Have lunch while sailing and enjoy the flavor of our selection of healthy and tasty dishes.

Additional activities

Speed Boat, Jet Ski, Stand Up Paddle and much more

in Oeiras

Begin by defining the number of passengers

Each boat has its own capacity that can not be exceeded


Up to



  • Romantic Sunset
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Hovering in the bay
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor parties
  • ...

Up to



  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor parties
  • Lisbon tour
  • Hovering in the bay
  • BBQ
  • ...

Up to



  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor parties
  • Lisbon tours
  • Lunch & Sail
  • Events
  • ...

Over 80 passengers
or if you want to hold a corporate event,
ask us for a quote

Lisbon at night viewed from the Tagus

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions are intended to provide citizens with relevant and general information. They do not respond to specific cases, do not constitute legal advice, nor dispense with consultation of the legal text, where applicable.

You should wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement and is not easily attached to protrusions. Usually during fall and winter the temperature is mild but sometimes, especially at night, the sea breeze can be cold. On colder days, you can always count on heating the sailboat in the lounge on the deck and having warm blankets to keep you out. During sunny days, especially in summer, we advise you to bring your hat as too much sun can cause discomfort, however we strive to always have on board solutions for the most distracted. 

For your safety you should go barefoot on board. When you get on the boat you may be asked to put your shoes in a bag that will be handed over to you for later storage in your own room. During the coldest period we will have other solutions on board. In the case of people who wish to remain seated during the ride, we advise them to bring shoes without heels and preferably with white rubber soles.

All boats usually have some food and drink items that can be purchased by customers. In some of them you can bring your food and drinks from home for free. Always check what is written on the type of catering authorized. By system you should avoid bringing red wine because it leaves stains on the fiberglass.

Not at all! In our boats we want people who are "in a good mood" and we will do everything to make them not sick. Our sailboats are large and spacious allowing some movement, but if you are not comfortable you should ask us for a sickness pill preferably at the beginning of the tour.

We'll be happy to let the music please customers, so depending on the homogeneity of the passengers, we often invite customers to choose the kind of music they want to hear or bring their own music. In some of our sailboats the music can be selected from USB devices or with bluetooth connection, in others it must be with 3.5mm jack connection

It depends on the type of boat. There is usually an appropriate and properly marked spot which is located near the aft rudders of the boat suitable for safe smoking and without disturbing the other passengers, normally smoking is not allowed in other locations but you should always ask a crew member.

There are tours to swim in the sea, but whenever requested and if in an not prohibited area, we will be happy to satisfy your request.

Yes. If you have a valid sailing license, we have the right sailboat for you and your family. Learn more here.